The NHL releases it's plan to come back

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The NHL is back. The NHL will officially begin on August 1, after the NHLPA approves the CBA return to play plan. This plan includes all the regulations for the 24-team tournament.

The baseline of the tournament is as follows, per the Washington Post “After two weeks of training camp, teams will travel to one of two hub cities (Toronto and Edmonton) on July 26. A qualifying round will start Aug. 1 and will include the 16 teams playing eight best-of-five series to determine who advances to what the league is calling the Stanley Cup playoffs. The four top seeds in each conference (including the Capitals in the East) will play a three-game round robin to determine seeding.

The playoffs, which will be best-of-seven series, are slated to begin Aug. 11 and the conference finals Sept. 8. The Stanley Cup finals are tentatively slated to start Sept. 22, with Oct. 4 as the last possible day of the series.”

The Capitals round robin schedule is, August 3 vs. the Lightning, August 6 vs. the Flyers and August 8 vs. the Bruins. After the round robin, and the tournament, the Stanley Cup playoffs will officially begin August 11. There will be daily COVID-19 tests. If a player tests positive or is showing symptoms, he will be isolated and will have to test negative twice 24 hours apart to be cleared to play. The player can also come out of isolation after a minimum of 10 days. This year's Stanley Cup playoffs are unlike any we have seen before, and fans are clearly excited to watch.

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