Redskins release statement

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Washington Redskins have officially issued a statement, that the team’s name is under “thorough review”. Here is the official statement issued by the Redskins.

As reported by Adam Schefter this statement means that a name change will likely happen. After FedEx formally asked them to change their name, and Nike took Redskins gear off of their website, Dan Snyder addressed the situation. During his interview with USA TODAY in 2013, Dan Snyder said “We will never change the name of the team,”. This statement indicates that the name will be changing, contradicting his point in 2013

The Redskins will need a new name, here are some of the suggestions going around the community:

Washington Redtails

Washington Redhawks

Washington Redspears

Washington Warriors

Washington Generals

Washington Monuments

Washington Pigskins

Washington Redhawks

Drop your favorite name in the comments section below. My favorite is the Washington Redspears, to keep HTTR, the brand and tradition. Their jerseys could look like the Redskins 70th-anniversary jerseys, but a modern look.

Darrell Green wearing the 70th anniversary jerseys

Here is a proposed look of what the Washington Redspears would look like:

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