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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

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Yesterday, the Redskins held their first team-wide virtual meeting. During this meeting, head coach Ron Rivera expressed his vision to build a successful sustainable culture. As Landon Collins put it, “very stern and right to the point”. During an interview with the Redskins media,

Landon Collins expressed his optimism on CB Jimmy Moreland. As he put it, “Jimmy was supposed to have seven picks last year, he just didn’t trust himself within his ability to do those things. That is just a rookie not being sure or seeing what they want to do and just going for it." Landon as well as many of the fans believe that Jimmy Moreland is a special player and are very optimistic about him.

Other news, Redskins rookie WR, Antonio Gandy-Golden announced, that he had COVID-19. He said, that during his pre-draft training, he tested positive for COVID-19 on March 24. His symptoms were mild, and he self-quarantined for two weeks and followed all of the guidelines. He was fully cleared on April 7 and now feels 100% healthy.

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