Player Profile: Dwayne Haskins

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

As the Washington Redskins head into the 2020 season, many questions lie ahead. Dwayne Haskins is certainly one of them. Dwayne has been constantly working during the offseason, whether it is on or off the field. Scott Turner, the Redskins offensive coordinator said in an interview, “Dwayne’s doing a great job,” Turner said on a video conference call with reporters Wednesday. “You can tell he’s putting the work in away from the meeting time.” Per the Washington Post. Many people questioned his knowledge of the playbook, last year, and this report shows that he is adjusting well to the new scheme. As well as putting in the work to master the playbook.

Dwayne has also put in a tremendous amount of work on the field. During the offseason he has worked out with numerous amount of people, ranging from Terry McLaurin, Chad Ochocinco, Jerry Jeudy, and Rakim Jarrett, and many more. You can view his workout videos from his personal photographers Instagram- @

The Instagram has videos of his workouts, and he is looking amazing in them. He has also shared that he is down to 216 Lbs. at only 7% body fat. Dwayne Haskins had a bumpy year last year, but with all this work that he has put in over the offseason, I look forward to seeing him prove himself out on the field this year.

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