Nationals World Series Ring

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The Nationals unveiled their World Series ring yesterday, and it is beautiful. Every single detail on the ring represents something. The red Nationals logo has 30 custom-cut genuine rubies, which represent, 30 runs scored in 4 world series game victories. The blue outline has 32 custom-cut genuine sapphires. Which represent 7 walk-off wins, 13 shutout wins, 8 longest winning streak, and 4 postseason round won. There are 108 diamonds on the front representing, 105 regular season and postseason wins, 1 World Series championship, and 2 a nod to the duality of franchise history.

On the side of the ring, the 12 red rubies represent the total number of postseason wins. The side has the players name, and 2019 for the championship year. The MMVI on the capital represents 2006, the year that the Lerner family purchased the franchise. The player's number set in diamonds. The opposite side has the words “FIGHT FINISHED”, representing the Nationals 2019 motto, stay in the fight. The 5 stars represent five postseason elimination games won. 4 diamonds represent previous N.L. East titles. The ruby signifies the World Series championship. On the back off the ring it says, “GO 1-0 EVERYDAY”, their 2019 mantra. The inside of the ring has a shark symbol, in honor of Gerardo Parra’s walkup song “Baby Shark”. It has the opponents defeated during the postseason, along with series score. It has 10.30.19, the date that the Nationals became world champions. In total, it has 14 karat white and yellow gold, 170 round diamonds, 55 genuine rubies, 32 genuine sapphires, and 23.2 carats of gemstones.

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