Nationals and Marlins series this weekend has been postponed

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Alex Trautwig / Major League Baseball / Getty

The Miami Marlins have reported that 17 of their players have COVID-19. The good news is that, the Phillies organization was 100% COVID free, despite playing the Marlins over the weekend. The Marlins have halted play until they can get things situated. This has led to the postponement of the Phillies and Yankees games, and the Marlins and Orioles games this week.

The Nationals are supposed to play the Marlins this week, but the Nationals players have voted against traveling to Miami this weekend. As a result of the outbreak, the MLB has postponed their weekend series against the Marlins, per Mark Zuckerman.

The teams not affected by this outbreak, will continue to go about their season.

The MLB does not have a bubble like the NHL and NBA. Both leagues have done an amazing job at keeping the virus out of their respective bubbles so far. The NWSL proved that the bubble is effective at keeping the virus out. They had 0 cases during their Challenge Cup. Without a bubble, the MLB will have a lot harder time keeping the virus out. So, we just have to hope that the MLB is able to control the virus, so everyone can be safe.

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