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Mystics unveil 2019 Championship Ring

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Reigning WNBA champions, the Washington Mystics have unveiled their 2019 championship ring. Described as featuring “120 diamonds which total 2.35 carats, 6 custom-cut and 29 taper-cut rubies totaling 3.5 carats. There are also 6 custom-cut sapphires, 1 round sapphire and 16 princess-cut sapphires, which combined total 3.15 carats. The rings have an astounding total gem carat weight of 9.0 carats”, the ring was designed by Jostens, the go-to in professional sports for Championship rings. Jostens explains the significance of the intricate details visible on the ring, “Adorning the ring top is the Mystics DC logo set with custom-cut rubies and sapphires. Combined, the 6 custom-cut sapphires and 6 custom-cut rubies are symbolic of the 12 players on the team’s roster with the singular round sapphire representing head coach, Mike Thibault.

"The iconic logo is set atop the WNBA Championship Trophy which features 6 diamonds in its base signifying the incredible 6 total games won by the Mystics in the 2019 playoffs, as well as one larger diamond at the top which pays tribute to their first-ever championship victory," they explained. One of the most impressive and beautiful rings of its time, Jostens paid great tribute to the Mystics incredible success in 2019, especially by highlighting their 26 regular season wins and 3 wins in the postseason with taper-cut rubies.

The WNBA has not released a schedule yet, but we hope to see the reigning champions back in action soon.

Photo: Washington Mystics

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