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Mystics add three to 2020 roster

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

With eyes on the impending 2020 WNBA season, The Washington Mystics have signed Essence Carson, Shey Peddy, and Alaina Coates. Carson, one of the league's most senior players has “played in 346 games, across three teams and won a WNBA championship in 2016” per NBC Sports’ Tyler Byrum. A strong addition to any team, Carson has proven herself to be a dependable leader over her 12 year career, and a flexible player, able to play in most positions. Along with Carson, Shey Peddy and Alaina Coates were signed earlier today. “With an open roster spot and a surprising surplus of salary cap space, the Washington Mystics have signed Alaina Coates and Shey Peddy, the team announced on Monday. Both have gone through their own trials and tribulations to end up on a 2020 roster. Being on a team during an unprecedented season could give them an opportunity to revitalize their careers”, according to Byrum.

The 6”4 center, Coates looks to prove herself in the upcoming WNBA season. Coates' success as a four time SEC honors winner with the South Carolina Gamecocks did not translate to the beginning of her WNBA career. Prior to beginning her rookie season in 2017 as the second pick in the draft, she battled injury, prohibiting her from getting the start she would have liked.

Lastly, the Mystics have signed Shey Peddy, a 5”10 point guard who began her rookie season at the age of 30 while filling in for two international players. Upon their return, Peddy became the team's video and analytics assistant. According to the Washington Post, prior to her debut in 2019, Peddy had been cut from WNBA training camp three times.

Looking to recapture the success of last year, these three new signings seem to bring extremely valuable individualized characteristics to the table. Carson, providing leadership and experience, Peddy and Coates, bringing the strong mentality and grit that come with being an underdog. These new signings will definitely look to play significant roles for the Mystics this season.

Photo: (Doug Kapustin for The Washington Post)

Photo: ABC Columbia

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