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DC United look for redemption as regular season approaches

As the ‘MLS is back’ tournament comes to an end, the league will begin regular season matches on August 12th to begin its 25th year of play. Following a disappointing run in the tournament, failing to advance to the knockout stage, DC United will return to Audi Field on Wednesday.

Per Ryan Homler of Yahoo Sports, “The team will open up on the road against FC Cincinnati on Friday, August 21, before having its home opener on Tuesday, August 25, against the New England Revolution”. To begin the season, no fans will be in attendance due to the pandemic. Holmer also cites the precaution taken by the league “Though the league is planning to allow teams to travel after holding the tournament in a bubble, it doesn't mean protocols will lessen in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Players will continue to be tested every other day and are strongly advised to limit exposure outside of team facilities and mandated areas”.

Considering the severity of the outbreak in the United States and Canada’s restrictions, the three MLS teams from Canada (Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver) may not travel to the states. Until more definitive plans are made, MLS plans for the American teams to square off and for the Canadian teams to only compete against each other to begin the season.

Looking to redeem themselves, DC United will play its first regular season game of 2020 on Friday, August 21st at 7:30pm EST.

Photo: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

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