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              Zannan Scitech

              In order to quality for the market, service and trust, seek development by innovation;
              Adhering to the full range of services to customers, to meet customer demand as its mission to provide better customer service.

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               Contact us:

              Tel: 86-21-5442-6122

              Fax: 86-21-2428-3356

              Tel of Marketing Department: 86-21-2428-3352

              Fax of Marketing Department: 86-21-2428-3352  

              Zip code: 201108  

              Address: 133-99 Guangzhong Rd, Minhang District

                      Shanghai, P.R.China

              Email of Sales: sales@www.dcsportsreport.com

              Email of HR: zannanhr@www.dcsportsreport.com













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